Episode 5.02 – Dr. Zachary Spicer

Zachary Spicer is an Associate Professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at York University. He was previously the Director of Research and Outreach with the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, an Assistant Professor at Brock University and a Senior Policy Advisor with the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing. AContinue reading “Episode 5.02 – Dr. Zachary Spicer”

Episode 4.03 – Susan Foxton Mayor of North Dumfries Township

After serving 14 years as Councillor for Ward 1 in North Dumfries, I entered the race for mayor and was elected in 2014.  Seeking re-election in 2018, I was once again successful in confirming my place as mayor of North Dumfries and Region of Waterloo Councillor for the 2018 to 2022 term. I believe inContinue reading “Episode 4.03 – Susan Foxton Mayor of North Dumfries Township”