Episode 5.05 – Megan Stacey – City Hall Reporter the London Free Press

Megan Stacey is the city hall reporter at The London Free Press. When not live-tweeting political debates or covering local government decisions, she also writes about social issues. She’s picked up Ontario Newspaper Awards for reporting on healthcare serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer, as well as the explosion that rocked London’s Old East Village. She lives in London and loves to explore the best of the Forest City, including new restaurants and the beautiful Thames Valley Parkway. 

The questions that framed our conversations:

– In general what are the top issues both in London and Middlesex County?

– How is the Mayoral race shaping up in London? 

–  How are the ward races shaping up? There were a few long announced open council seats how do those races look? Any incumbent’s look at risk? 

– What about in the County are there any races you are watching out there? 

– There was a lot of controversy around the TVDSB is any of that carrying over into the election? 

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