Episode 5.03 – Mayor Alison Warwick – Mayor of Thames Centre/Warden of Middlesex County

Alison has always had a strong interest in rural economic development and local tourism. She started her own business Warwick Equestrian Development Inc. in 1997. As an equine Canada certified coach she taught for many years as well as running a large boarding business and hosting annual horse shows.

Alison also was a 4 H horse club leader as well as a member at large for the Western Fair Association. In 2014 she was elected as Ward 3 councillor for Thames Centre and in 2018 was elected Mayor.

She currently is serving as the Warden for Middlesex County. She also is chair of the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority and chair of South Central Ontario Region Economic Development.

She was a founding member of the County of Middlesex Women’s Caucus and is a strong proponent of encouraging women to work in leadership roles at all levels of government.

Alison is also a proud member of the Dorchester Lions Club as well as a past president of the North  Dorchester Agricultural Society.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, drawing and spending time outdoors.

The Warden Hat

To frame the conversation below are some topic areas.The first half of the show is standardized (more or less) with each guest talking through these themes.

  • The first part begins with you, as we introduce you as the guest. Who are you? What is/was your day job (if not a full time politician)? Why did you run for Council? 
  • Paint a picture of Thames Centre, where is it, what do people do there, who are the people? 
  • Finally, how does your community and constituents fit into Middlesex County and the relationship with London as a whole?
  • Talk a little bit about the Women’s Caucus. This seems to be somewhat of a unique feature in your region what was the impetus and how has it been going? Where do you hope it goes now that your elected role is ending? 
  • Thinking back on your time on council, what is an issue, vote or policy that you wish would have gone another way? 
  • What do you think is your biggest accomplishment during your time in office? What are people hopefully going to remember you for in a few years time? 
  • Thinking about your successor or people running for council in general,  what is a piece of advice that you give them? 
Thames Centre NOT Middlesex Centre

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