Episode 5.01 – Aldo DiCarlo – Mayor of Amherstburg

Aldo DiCarlo (Born: October 26th, 1967)

Personal Information

  • Lifelong Amherstburg resident – Grew up on the predominantly Italian immigrant street, Texas Road.  Lived there until marrying and moving to Richmond Street, Amherstburg.
  • Childhood friends with Laura Elaine (Levack) DiCarlo, who eventually dated and married.  We both moved from our parents’ house to our home on Richmond Street, where we still live.  Married August 21st, 1993.
  • Proud parents of Amherstburg’s Bicentennial Baby (first baby born from Amherstburg that year) Emily Kathryn DiCarlo, born January 2nd, 1996.  Also proud parents to twin boys, Michael Louis and Vincent Giovanni DiCarlo, born October 17th, 2000.


  • Attended Stella Maris Catholic Elementary
  • Graduated General Amherst High School, grades 9-13
  • Graduated St. Clair College in 1990 from the Electrical/Electronics Engineering Technology Program.


  • Worked in automotive electronics for years while also running my own automotive electronics home-based business (which I maintained since 18 years old, until becoming Mayor, time being the obvious reason for pausing business.)
  • Hired at the University of Windsor in 1997 as Supervisor of Audio/Visual Services for entire campus
  • moved in 2000 to my current position of Physics Laboratory Coordinator in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Science 

Elected/Appointed Roles

  • While employed at the University of Windsor, held a Union Executive position in CUPE Local 1393 for 15+ years, 11 of which were as Local President.
  • CUPE National Union Facilitator from 2012 to 2014
  • University of Windsor Board of Governors, 6 years (2 terms).
  • Elected Mayor of Amherstburg in 2014 election, re-elected in 2018
  • Member of Essex County Council, 2014 to 2022

A teaser below here the full conversation Thursday at 7pm

To frame the conversation below are some topic areas.The first half of the show is standardized (more or less) with each guest talking through these themes.

  • The first part begins with you, as we introduce you as the guest. Who are you? What is/was your day job (if not a full time politician)? Why did you run for Council? 
  • Paint a picture of Amherstburg, where is it, what do people do there, who are the people? 
  • Finally, how does your community and constituents fit into Essex County and SW Ontario as a whole? 

The second half of the show is a bit more political/policy related. We may not get to all of these topics and this might not be the order we discuss them in.

  • Amherstburg has had some hard financial times, during your time on council? 
  • Obviously Amherstburg has had some turnover in senior leadership positions recent. As a council how do you navigate that when HR considerations etc. but people want answers? 
  • Thinking back on your time on council, what is an issue, vote or policy that you wish would have gone another way? 
  • What do you think is your biggest accomplishment during your time in office? What are people hopefully going to remember you for in a few years time? 
  • Thinking about your successor or people thinking about running for council in general,  what is a piece of advice that you give them? 

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