Episode 4.03 – Susan Foxton Mayor of North Dumfries Township

After serving 14 years as Councillor for Ward 1 in North Dumfries, I entered the race for mayor and was elected in 2014.  Seeking re-election in 2018, I was once again successful in confirming my place as mayor of North Dumfries and Region of Waterloo Councillor for the 2018 to 2022 term. I believe in a strong Regional Council which enables and reinforces the strength of the seven municipalities which make up the Region of Waterloo. I proudly serve and cherish North Dumfries and its people.

I graduated from Conestoga College from the Recreation and Leadership Program as well as the Advanced Business Application and holds a Canada Customs Introduction to Customs and Customs Duty Drawback. For 32 years I organized and Chaired the Community Police Advisory Committee for North Dumfries, I also Chaired the Seniors Advisory Group, was a member for the North Dumfries Smart and Caring Foundation and a Warden of Christ Anglican Church.

I was a volunteer at a grassroots level organizing blood donor clinics, teaching learn to skate and swimming as well as coaching hockey and ringette.Past employment included Youth and Preschool Director, Life Skills Coach, Assistant Aquatic Director, and Inventory Planning /Logistics Coordinator. When I was successful in winning the seat as the Mayor of North Dumfries, I retired from my job and choose to dedicate my time working for the people of North Dumfries.

At the present time I sit on Administration and Finance Committee for the Region of Waterloo, Budget Committee for the Region, Community Services, Library, and I am Vice-Chair of Planning and Works at the Regional Level. I also sit on the Grand River Accessibility Committee as the Regional representative. Some of my other appointments are, Vice- Chair of the Grand River Conservation Authority, Jack Young Civic Award Committee, Board member of Southwestern Integrated Fibre Technology, was Chair of the Top Aggregate Producing Municipalities of Ontario for 5 years and presently I sit as a Board member of TAPMO. I also sit on the Board of Energy.

Tax Season

You can hear the full conversation 7pm on Thursday!

The first part begins with you, as we introduce you as the guest: 

  • Who are you? Your path to becoming Mayor of North Dumfries
  • Describe your municipality as a whole. Paint a picture for someone who has not been to your town or community before or has only seen it as a sign on the side of a road. 
    • What is working, and what is not, what are you building towards? 
  • What is your region, how does the relationship work with Upper level government in Waterloo region? 
  • Finally, how does your community fit into SW Ontario as a whole? 

The second part of the show we dig into more specific discussions. 

  • In the 2016 Census you grew by 9.1% and in 2021 Census, North Dumfries grew by 4%. The Waterloo region grew by 9.7%. You have had rapid growth, your neighbours are growing rapidly. How do you manage that? 
  • You are apart of what is possibly one of the most economic and demographic dynamic regions in Canada but you are rural community of less than 15,000 people.
    • Housing is “THE ISSUE” across the province. How is it impacting your community? 
    •   Given some of the rapid growth of your neighbours do you risk losing some of your rural character? I would assume some of your settlement areas like Ayr and Reidville have grown more rapidly compared to the general rural populations? 
  • You had a 3.8% tax increase proposed back at the end of last year. You had direct admin to come back around 3%, where did that land? 
  • If you could wave a policy magic wand, could change one thing municipally Provincially or Federally what would you change? 
  • What is an event or reason for a listener to come to your community in the next few months? 

North Dumfries Township

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