Episode 3.05 – David Cassidy, President Unifor 444

Dave Cassidy is Unifor Local 444’s President representing 20,000 active and retired members in 31 workplaces that range from Automotive, Gaming, Energy, Transportation, Administrative, Waste & Recycle Management, Policing and Retirement Living.  As a certified electrician, Dave is the Unifor National Chair of Trades, representing those working in the trades from the Pacific  to the Atlantic in Canada. Dave is also a member of Unifor’s distinguished National Executive Board. Dave has handled many key negotiations and collective bargaining with major employers in Windsor, including Chrysler/FCA/Stellantis, Caesars, Integram and GFL.  Dave was elected by the people for his “Membership First” attitude, bringing in an open-door policy and an excellence in communication initiative which takes full advantage of the social media platforms in which Dave can better be in touch with his members. Though Dave holds many important positions and elected titles, the members know him as just Dave.

Twitter @dave_cassidy444

A bad birthday present

You can listen to the full episode Thursday at 7pm or on your favourite podcast platform.

Below are the questions/themes for our conversations next week. You are more than welcome to suggest a topic or question. To frame the conversation below are some topic areas.The first part begins with you, as we introduce you as the guest. 

  • Who are you? What was your journey to becoming President of Unifor 444. 
  • For those that do not know, who does Unifor 444 represent? From my understanding both Auto and Casino workers are there other groups
    • Does it create challenges representing two very diverse groups of workers? Needs of autoworkers are different from the needs of casino workers. 
    • How has COVID Impacted them?
  • How does Labour fit into SW Ontario today? This is a long history of labour in this region but arguably the sectors and industries that i was more 

The second part of the show we dig into different groups:

  • Single sports betting – this was a long process. What has it been and where did it land?
    • I can’t turn on a TV from the US without seeing a michigan gambling app, is there concern that apps will just get rolled out and few workers will be needed? 
  • Obviously the news on Oct 15 wasn’t good with layoff notices 1,400 from the Assembly Plant in Windsor. For those not from Windsor, what does that mean and what is the path forward? 
  • Automobility has been pegged as the future of Windsor Essex region. I am curious about your thoughts on that?
    • UAW report points that few workers are needed to assemble EV Vehicles 
    • Economist Mike Moffatt said on this podcast that “manufacturing is increasingly becoming a ‘white collar’ profession” as there is a shift occurring to engineering and coding from physically building/assembling. 
    • Conversations about “Just transition” seem to be absent in Windsor-Essex
  • There is a provincial election and municipal election next year, what issues are you seeing percolate that you think people will be talking about? 
  • If you could wave a policy magic wand, change one policy (local, provincial or federal) what would you change and why? 

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