Episode 3.02 – Mayor Comiskey – Town of Ingersoll

The connections Mayor Ted Comiskey has to Ingersoll date back much farther than the beginning of his time of holding office. The Comiskey family came to Canada from Ireland in 1835, settling in the town now known as Ingersoll, Ontario. Growing up in Ingersoll, Ted attended Sacred Heart School and Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute, going on to attend and graduate Western University. Ted began his business career working in regional businesses where he has amassed a combined 41 years in business and industrial management experience.

First elected Mayor in 2010, Mayor Comiskey is the Oxford County Deputy Warden and in his third term as Ingersoll’s Mayor. He is also proudly the Chair of the “Demand the Right” Campaign, the aim of which is to allow municipalities to be given the right to say Yes or No to proposed landfill sites within 3.5kn of their borders, which successfully led to the introduction of Provincial Bill 197. 

In his personal life, Mayor Comiskey has been married to his wife Sherry for 33 years and they share two children. Sherry is an educator with 33 years of experience, she currently teaches grade school at St. Jude’s Elementary in Ingersoll. Their oldest Christopher has a Master’s in Education and works for the Cambridge Separate School Board, Christopher made Ted and Sherry grandparents last year with the arrival of baby Norah. Their youngest Edward achieved a Degree in Science at Lakehead University, Thunder Bay and is now a paramedic in the Canadian Armed Forces. 


You can listen to full episode here at 7pm Thursday

To frame the conversation below are some topic areas.The first half of the show is standardized (more or less) with each guest talking through these themes.

  • The first part begins with you, as we introduce you as the guest. Who are you? What is/was your day job (if not a full time politician)? Why did you run for Mayor? What drives you?
  • Who are your people? Who are your constituents – what do they do for a living, what are the issues you see in your inbox or talking to people week in and out. For someone who hasn’t been to Ingersoil before paint a picture. What is working, and what is not, what are you building towards? .
  • What is your region, what is in common/different between your community and your neighbourhood?
    • You sit on Oxford County Council? What is the regional dynamic? 
  • Finally, how does your community and constituents fit into SW Ontario as a whole? 

The second half of the show is a bit more political/policy related. We may not get to all of these topics and this might not be the order we discuss them in.

  • COVID Impacts? 
    • What would be a story people would be talking about if COVID didn’t happen?
  • Over the next year, what really needs to be accomplished to build back from COVID-19. 
  • Landfill Decision – Put on hold from my understanding, can you unpack that a little bit? 9 year process. 
  • CAMI Automotive – Going to build electric vehicles but also been shut down much of this year due to chip shortage. Is Ingersoll at risk as a “one factory town”?
  • Housing Affordability – all that anyone talks about. 
  • Where do you see Ingersoll to be in 10 years? What are the  Challenges/Opportunities to achieve that outcome? 
  • Magic policy wand – change one thing, what do you change and why?

Town of ingersoll

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