Episode 2.0 Prologue

In this prologue for Season 2, I thank all of the participants in Season 1. Share some of what I have learned and hope to improve.

I announce I have launched Patreon so if you want bonus content, input on future conversations or just to support this work there is now a way to do that.

Finally I lay out the Season 2 Council Conversation Line Up and tease some of the conversations that are to come!

Thursday April 29 – We pick up where we left off with Armine with a really smart researcher. Dr. Mike Moffatt – Ivey School Business Professor and Senior Director of Policy and Innovation at the Smart Prosperity Institute.

May 6Dr Zachary Spicer –  Director of Research and Outreach with the Institute of Public Administration of Canada.

May 9– Deputy Mayor Kelly Elliot of Thames Centre

May 13 – Former Budget Chair and Deputy Mayor of the City of London Josh Morgan

May 16 – Former Deputy Mayor and Ward 4 Councillor of the City of London Jessie Helmer

May 20th – Mayor of Middlesex Centre Aina DeViet

May 27th Stephen Bolton – who is President, CEO and Head Coach at Libro Credit Union.

June 3 – Mayor Hilda Macdonald of the Municipality of Leamington.

June 10th – Windsor Ward 8 Councillor Gary Kasckak

June 17th – Councillor Sarah Emons of the Township of Southwold

June 24th – Mayor Darrin Canniff of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

A Teaser of my conversation with Mike Moffatt!

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